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MVNU Writing Guide: Research Guide

How to Find Good Sources

Academic writing usually requires academic source material: books, academic journals, primary sources, etc. This section of the Research Guide will go into detail regarding the source-finding process and teach you how to recognize if a source is legitimate.

SuperSearch: The all-in-one tool to quality research.

Finding Books: Thorne Library, OhioLink, and eBooks

Finding Journals: Guide to Online Library Databases

Keeping Track of Sources

Discovering sources is just the first step in the research process. This section of the Research Guide works through example sources and offers strategies for making academic material easier to understand.

Structure in Academic Articles

Strategies for Reading Difficult Sources

Keeping track of sources can be difficult, especially when writing research papers. Check out the Zotero Guide for information about a free computer application that keeps track of all of your sources for you!