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MVNU Writing Guide: Finding Books

Finding Books

There are a few different ways to acquire books through the library website. Our very own Thorne Library has books that you can come in and check out in person, other Ohio libraries have books that you can order through the OhioLink system, and our online databases contain electronic books. The SuperSearch (detailed in the SuperSearch guide) complies every different book-finding method, but sometimes it's helpful to just search through one catalog specifically.

This page includes tips, instructional videos, and search bars that link directly to the library website.

OhioLINK Catalog

OhioLINK is a consortium of academic and college libraries in Ohio. Use this library catalog to locate materials not available at Thorne Library.  Materials are delivered five days a week to Thorne Library.  

 OHIOLINK Library Catalog

OhioLink Books

OhioLink Materials

OhioLink Materials can be searched for by using the "Search OhioLink" ircon in the middle of the page. 

Thorne Library is wonderful, but it might not include every book that you would ever want-- that's where OhioLink comes in. OhioLink is a partnership between libraries across the state that allows you to have another library's books shipped to MVNU. While it does take a few days to process the item, OhioLink is a wonderful system that exponentially increases the number of books you have access to as a student.

Check out the "How to use the OhioLink Catalog" video or use the "OhioLink Library Catalog" search bar to get started!


MVNU Materials

Use the library's catalog to find books and media materials.  

Library Online Catalog


Thorne Library Books

Thorne Library Materials

Thorne Library Materials can be searched for by using the "Search MVNU Books" icon underneath the search bar.

Because Thorne Library materials are on campus, you can come in and check them out any time that the library is open. If the Library is not open, you can place a Hold on the item and it will be ready for you to quickly pick up at the Circulation Desk after you receive an email notice. If you need a book quickly, checking our Thorne catalog is a good first option.

Check out the "Searching the MVNU Catalog" video or use the "Library Online Catalog" search bar to get started!



eBooks can be searched for by using the "MVNU LIBRARY / OHIOLINK SUPERSEARCH" box in the middle of the page. 

Sometimes, you are in a time crunch and need a source now. The realm of eBooks is fairly new, and therefore the catalog of eBooks is not nearly as great as the OhioLink catalog; however, using the SuperSearch to find eBooks is useful in a time-crunch.

When you use the SuperSearch there should be a tab on the left-hand side called Source Types (You might have to scroll down a tiny bit to see it). Click on the Show More button, then find and select eBooks. Your search will then be limited to electronic books.

Refer to the SuperSearch guide if you are having trouble.