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MVNU Writing Guide: Citation Guide

When to Use a Citation

Citation allows you to legally reference or use another source in your writing, so it's important to know why/when to include one.

Check out the following links if you have any questions about citation:


Why & When to Include a Citation

Which Style Do I Use?

MLA formatting is often used by these disciplines:

  • English, ReligionIntercultural StudiesCommunications

APA formatting is often used by these disciplines:

  • EducationPsychologyNursingSocial Work

  • Natural/Physical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics*

*These disciplines have their own styles for upper-level papers, but use APA for lower-level courses like College Writing.

Chicago formatting is often used by these disciplines:

  • History, Arts (also can use MLA), Business (also can use APA)

Note: Check your assignment or syllabus paper first to see if it specifies which style to use