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Using the Library: OhioLINK & SearchOhio

A guide to using Thorne Library's resources.

What is OhioLINK?

What is OhioLINK?

OhioLINK, the Ohio Library and Information Network is a state-funded consortium of Ohio university and college member libraries and the State Library of Ohio. Students, faculty members, and staff members affiliated with OhioLINK institutions can request materials online, view journal articles online, search authoritative databases, and make use of other OhioLINK services that enhance research and reduce the cost of education for Ohio students.

How do I know if a library is part of OhioLINK? Consult this list:

Who can borrow Items through OhioLINK?

People who are registered users at OhioLINK libraries, and those with a library account at one of the SearchOhio libraries, have access to a virtual statewide library. Books, some audiovisual items, and other materials that are not available locally can be requested through the OhioLINK Central Catalog's member libraries.

How do I request an item through OhioLINK?

Find the desired book or item in the OhioLINK Central Catalog. The system looks for an available copy and selects a lending library.

  • Select your institution from the list.
  • Fill in your name and ID number.
  • Select where you want to pick up the item. You can pick up the item at any participating OhioLINK library that is convenient.
  • The system validates the request and sends the request to the lending library.
  • The item will be delivered within several weekdays to the pickup location you requested.
  • Some schools send a courtesy email notification when the item is ready to pick up.

Only items that are not available at your own institution may be requested in this way.

How long will it take for my requested item(s) to arrive?

If the items were available at a library when you requested them, they should be ready for pick up in 4-5 weekday business days at the library you chose as a pickup location. You can check on the status of your requested items by viewing your personal library record/account in your library's catalog. Once you are logged in, go to the requests (holds) portion of your Library Record to follow the progress of your request:

  • REQUESTED: the request is successfully placed in the system queue
  • IN TRANSIT: the item is on the way from the owning library
  • OHIOLINK REC'D: the item is received at your school

Some OhioLINK libraries also send courtesy e-mail notices about OhioLINK items that are ready for pick up. Contact for details on e-mail notices or with questions about checking your record to see delivery status of your requested item.

Did you say I could pick these up at another library? (Pick-Up Anywhere)

Yes! All patrons at OhioLINK libraries can use the Pick-Up-Anywhere process.

This means that you are a patron at another library within the OhioLINK network, but are having materials delivered to our institution (or vice-versa). So, in this process, three libraries are involved: the one you belong to, the one sending the requested item, and the one receiving the requested item.

E.g. You are a patron at Ohio State. However, you live in Mount Vernon. You request that an item be sent from Bowling Green to MVNU. Then, you will check that item out using your Ohio State patron account.

How do I know if a library is part of OhioLINK? Consult this list:

How to Use Pick-Up Anywhere, Step-by-Step:

  • First, find the item you wish to request through OhioLINK and request it.
  • Then, change the "pickup institution" from the drop-down menu to a convenient location where you want to pickup.
  • Take your student ID with you to check out materials.  If you do not have a regular student ID, you can present any picture ID but you will need to know your credentials for checking out material including name, ID, and PIN if appropriate.  If you are not sure what your credentials are, check with your home institution library.
  • You can also borrow items directly from any OhioLINK library in person. Bring proof of your affiliation with an OhioLINK institution, such as a picture ID (this would be a Visiting Patron process).


How does Pick-Up Anywhere Work?

Search Ohio

So, there’s this OhioLINK thing and this SearchOhio thing. How are those different?

  • Great question! OhioLINK primarily serves academic libraries. SearchOhio primarily serves public libraries. These two systems have partnered together in order to better meet the information and entertainment needs of a broad cross-section of Ohio’s population.

How do I use Search Ohio?

  • Go to the SearchOhio Catalog.
  • Search catalog for desired item.
  • When item is located, click on REQUEST THIS ITEM or (on the Modern catalog) REQUEST IT.
  • Choose your library’s name from the “affiliated” drop-down list so that we can log you in.
  • Enter your last name and your library card number, as well as your PIN if so required.
  • Choose the pickup location at your affiliated library to which you want the item delivered.
  • Press SUBMIT to send the request and the pickup location to SearchOhio.
  • Items are usually available for pickup within 3-5 business days, except for items requested on weekends.
  • Items will remain on hold shelf at pickup institution for 10 days.

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