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Using the Library: How to Read Call Numbers

A guide to using Thorne Library's resources.

Library of Congress Classes

A: General Works

B: Philosophy

BF: Psychology

BL-BX: Religion

C: Archaeology, Genealogy

D: World History

E-F: History of the Americas

G: Geography + Anthropology

HB-HJ: Business + Economics

HM-HQ: Sociology, Family Studies

J: Political Science

K: Law

L: Education

M: Music

N: Fine Arts

P: Language and Literature

Q-QD: Math, Physics, Chemistry

QE-QK: Geology, Biology, Botany

QL-QR: Zoology, Physiology

R: Medicine

S: Agriculture

T: Technology

U: Military Science

V: Naval Science

Z: Library Science + Bibliography


Reading Call Numbers

First Letters are arranged Alphabetically: A > AA > Z

First Numbers are arranged as whole numbers: 5 > 20 > 300

Second Letters are arranged alphabetically: A > AA > Z

Second Numbers are treated as decimals: .100 > .33 > .7

4-digit numbers sometimes at the end of a call number refer to a year.

Years are sorted chronologically: 1900 > 1995 > 2010

Director of the Library

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Tim Radcliffe
Thorne Library
740-397-9000 ext. 4245