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Games: Board and Card Games

How it works

Here is a collection of board and card games available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. Here's how it will work to check out these games:

  • Initial checkout will be for one day
  • Games can be renewed (just like books) twice, each renewal for an additional day
  • Once a game is returned, it will be in “quarantine” for three days before being available again.
  • If the game you want isn’t available, you can place a hold on it (just like books) and get notified by email when it is ready for you to pick up.
  • Once a game is overdue, fines ($0.50/day) will start accruing, though there is a one-day grace period.
  • Please follow campus COVID protocols as you enjoy these games with friends!

We hope these games will help people smile and connect during this challenging semester (and beyond)! If you have questions, contact the library at    




Ticket to Ride

Village Pillage

Sushi GO!


The Game of Life


Throw Throw Burrito

Bears VS Babies


Exploding Kittens